Reviews of Jerome Goh Photography

Genevie and Jonathan (Singapore)

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Dear Jerome
Words cannot express how delighted, pleasantly surprised (that we looked great!), amazed, and absolutely happy we are with not just how the pictures turned out, but with the experience as well.
The pictures would not have turned out the way they did, if not for your amazing skills, vast experience, professionalism and passion.  We were not the easiest to shoot, I’m sure.  My family is incredibly shy and awkward in front of the camera.  However, your suggestions and direction to them and your approach had made them really comfortable to be themselves and be expressive with their emotions.
With so many things going on all together simultaneously, we are in awe of how well and how beautifully you’ve captured all the grand moments, and more so, the subtle, understated yet meaningful ones.   The pictures showcase the grand, majestic aspects of the wedding, and yet, also the intimate, quiet moments.  From the wonderful ballroom, the big segments of the ceremony, to the tiny details, to a look or a smile.   We are not good posers and we are not good at taking pretty pictures but all the emotions, all the happiness, were celebrated in the pictures and for that we are thankful.
Thank you for keeping me calm, for reminding us what was important, to have fun and enjoy the experience.  Thanks for giving us direction and most of all, for your passion and commitment in getting the best pictures every moment.  Having you as our photographer took a lot of worry out of our heads because having met you once before the wedding, we knew you’d take care of everything.
Thank you and we can only wish you more blessings, success, and a long and fruitful career!
With thanks
Genevie and Jonathan


Queenie and Keith (Singapore)

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“It’s never easy to find someone who put his 100% in his work and achieving whatever his client requested. Even though it’s a very short and sweet event.

But Jerome able to give us his very best and also fulfill what we asked for. A very friendly and nice guy who can also get everyone at the event to get nice shots.

Fantastic outcome and alot of surprise shots, which was lovely. We’re thankful that we got the right one to capture our special moments on our special day.

Thank you Jerome. And also, we hope to work with you very soon”

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Allan and Andrea (Australia)

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“I employed Jerome’s photography and videography services for my wedding this year in January, after seeing how he had an incredible eye for detail and how he captured the beauty of everyday objects and mundane scenery. It really takes great talent, years of experience and a good artistic vision to be able to produce such works of art. I decided that I will also go through Jerome for the videography as well, instead of employing a different company, just to make things easier for me as I was planning this whole wedding while overseas. I am glad that I did so because there was excellent chemistry between Jerome and his video guys, Julius and Milo, and this was translated into beautiful video clips and photos. 
Days before the wedding was the first time I had met Jerome. I booked Jerome’s services in June/July (one year in advance!) and all our correspondences have been via email. I explained the itinerary for the wedding day and he was excited and his passion for his work showed in his conversation with my husband and I. My husband only had one request. He wanted Jerome to be a ‘ninja’ and Jerome was truly a great ninja as on the day of the wedding, we hardly noticed his presence throughout the wedding except when we were posing for photos at Marina Barrage. When we were looking through the photos, we were pleasantly surprised and wondered how Jerome managed to get some of the shots. 
On the day of the wedding, Jerome and team worked a grueling and long 10 hours. They hardly had a break as I had started my hair and make-up at 11am, church wedding, photoshoot at Marina Barrage, Dinner reception at Panpac and dancing that lasted til 11pm at night. Jerome and team were very professional and kept their cool and patience throughout. I was blown away by their dedication. They had to rush through their meals and still they were really professional until the very end.
After the wedding, Jerome kept in touch with me throughout via emails until I received my videos and photos. He had earlier explained to me that he personally edits every single photo and therefore, it will take a while to receive the package. In the meantime, the video highlights and photo online slideshow were ready. I was very impressed by the quality of the photographs and almost every photograph was absolutely beautiful! In fact most of the portrait photos are lovely enough to blow up and frame!
Thank you Jerome and team for your fantastic services and for making our big day so memorable. I will definitely recommend your services to future wedding couples. 
Cheers and Kind regards, 
Allan and Andrea.”


Abigail and Joshua (United States)

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Thank you so much, Jerome!!! I know I am biased, but I think that these are stunning! I can’t believe how talented you are. Thank you for using your gift and skills to help us. We love them!



Shirlyn and Jimmy (Singapore)

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Dear Jerome,

I finally settled down after a long busy week. Just wanted to drop you a note to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent work you did on our wedding.
I can’t stop watching the photo montage. “every picture is perfect!” Although it’s only 1/10 of the pictures taken, they all look awesome.

I also want to thank you for your patience since the day we engaged you. For answering all my questions and compromising us on the time to meet up. I will certainly recommend you to anyone that tells me they are getting married. It shows in your work that you love what you do.

Please accept my thanks once again, and best wishes for you in the future.

We will be in touch again when the photos are ready.

Best Regards,


Bebe and Andy (Canada)

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Hi Jerome,

I am so happy to have you shoot for us. It was the best decision we’ve made! 🙂 You guys are such a fun couple but also really professional, we totally fell in lov with you guys. (Even Donna can’t stop talking about you two!). By the end of the night when the photo-shoot was over, all we regretted was not taking a group picture together with you. I can’t thank you enough for everything,for patiently answering all my enquiries and concerns over the months of planning,arranging transportation,make up artist! (I have to say she was amazing too!!). choosing beautiful locations and of course your impressive and talented photography skills! You have an amazing team and have made our experience in Macau memorable.

Bebe and Andy


Benjamin and Winter (Singapore)

18 Reviews of Jerome Goh Photography

Hi Jerome,

Both Winter and myself would like to say a BIG “Thank you!” for a job well done!! Extremely delighted with how the photos turned out.

I think the night shots were exceptional to say the least. The one where Gloria was standing behind us with the flash,the shot was damn awesome.

Seriously understand and remembered your reaction after you took those shots.

Haha,anyways keep in touch. let me know when the draft album is up 🙂

Thanks again bro.



Eurico and Christina (Macau)

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Hi Jerome,

We are so blessed to have you to be our photographer on our big day. Although it’s not a “century wedding”,we can see warmth and laughter among our photos. It was a cozy one! Looking forward to see the rest of them.

Once again,thank you very much!!

Eurico and Christina


Crystal and Aidan (Singapore)

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Hi Jerome,
We’ve received the package!
Wanna let you know that the photos are beautifully taken! We’re really happy with them.
Thank you once again for being part of our big day! Will definitely recommend you to our friends.
Thumbs up!
Best regards,


Ka Hui and Family (Penang, Malaysia)

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Hi Jerome,

I’m so happy to view our holiday pictures today. The photos are great!! I can’t stop smiling 🙂 I am really grateful that I found you through Mr Google. We’ll definitely have you shoot for us again!! 🙂

I can’t wait to receive the DVD so that I can develop all the photos. CAN’T WAIT. Please pardon my excitement! Haha.



Jensen and Anne (Singapore)

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Dear Jerome,

Just wanted to let you know that the DVD has arrived!
We can’t thank you enough for the amazing and wonderful wedding pictures!! Appreciate all your patience and hard work on the 28th Dec 2013.
Take care and hope to work with you again in the future!
Warmest Regards,
Anne & Jensen
Valerie and Jobian (Singapore)
jeromegohphotography 102 Reviews of Jerome Goh Photography

Dear Jerome,

Omg, as my earlier email words can’t describe how much Jobian and I like to thank you, for bringing out the best in us in the photos, and really radiance and happiness. The moments you captured will be unforgettable ones remembered for life and touching us and our families and our children next time!!!

Love how you managed our photography and also always remember to make me feel at ease and smile. A big thank you and let’s catchup Okies outside and keep in touch!!! ^^ thanks for being our photographer and our friend!!! Really appreciate how you made our wedding process so reassuring, supportive and wonderful and most importantly memorable!

Love and warmest regards,

Valerie Cheam & Jobian Tang


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Hi, Jerome

Thank you for all the photos! They’re absolutely stunning! We love them very much, we’re now trying to share them with our family and friends, I’m sure they will be amazed after seeing the photos!

Thanks again for shooting for us! It’s a precious memory for me and Cory.

Best Wishes,



Vincent and Mandy (Singapore and Hong Kong)

28 Reviews of Jerome Goh Photography

Jerome, you are a real professional and thank you so much for the wonderful pictures!!

Will definitely recommend you to other brides to be!!

Thank you!!


Mandy and Vincent


David and Nikita (Macau)

19 Reviews of Jerome Goh PhotographyHi Jerome,

Thanks for the album! My colleagues say it’s very pretty and natural and they really like your style of shooting as well as the way you put the photos together!

Many thanks from David and me too for capturing those beautiful and sweet moments for us!

Take care & all the best!!

Nikita and David


Khai and Niza (Singapore)

27 Reviews of Jerome Goh PhotographyHi Jerome,

I just want to thank you for the photographs you have taken for both Yuaniza and myself. They are everything we have expected and more. We will most definitely recommend you to anyone who wishes to get a wedding photographer. Thank you for the great effort!! All the best to you!


Khai and Niza


Flora and Alex (Hong Kong)

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Dear Jerome.

Thanks so much for getting the pictures for us. You and Gloria are amazing,perfect in capturing the best moments of the day. The attention to the facial expressions and gestures is what Flora and I like the most. Not only the moments of us but those of our family and friends! We look forward to getting the DVDs in a few days!

And the next time you both come to HK, and you have time,let’s get together again for drinks or tea!

Thank you so much again!


Flora and Alex


Kent and Pei Chin (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

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Hi Jerome,

Thanks very much for your photos and your well wishes 🙂
We really enjoyed the whole photo shoot and we are very happy with the photos too, definitely will recommend you to our friends!
Thanks very much !
Pei Chin
Elizabeth and Conrad (Mauritius)
sg wedding photographer 169 Reviews of Jerome Goh Photography
Hi Jerome!
Thanks for the Slideshow! The Photos are really Nice, we Love them!!! 🙂 Really Great Job!! 🙂 Thank you and your amazing team Again!
Elizabeth and Conrad

Yi jing and Hsiemin (Singapore)

Hi Jerome!

Thank you very much for your email and photos!  We love the photos very much!! Thank you very much for your hard work and  making us look good in the pictures 🙂 🙂


Yi Jing


Jackey and Yvonne (Hong Kong)

Dear Jerome!!!
Woohoo!!! It’s awesome!! Millions thanks Jerome!! The photos are all excellent!! The song is fantastic!! And the slide show is perfect!! Thanks so much Jerome for the great help!! We are so lucky to have you in this lifetime milestone moment!!

All the best!! See you next time!! 😉

Yvonne and Jackey


Jerome Goh Photography



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