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portraits by Jerome Goh

Little Matthew in the studio!!

I have two godsons, 7 year old Xavier and 2 year old Matthew. They are from two different countries and live in very different environments and cultures but they share one thing in common. They are both the happiest kids I know. These 2 boys have the most charming personalities and photographing them is just a […]

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Benjamin and Winter*Pre wedding Macau part 1 of 3

多謝 Ben & Winter 特地從新加坡來影婚紗相,新加坡長年都是夏天,對於他們來說三月份澳門的天氣簡直是冰天雪地! This was a wonderful pre wedding photography session, we did this at the end of March, when Macau was just coming into spring. The kind of weather where my couple and I can just shoot the whole day without getting tired. It was like having air conditioning outdoors but not being too cold at the same time. The lovely couple Benjamin […]

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Introducing the “JGP Signature”

Many JGP fans,my personal friends and clients have told me that they love the colors and the details in my pictures. Very often my clients have requested for this look so today I would like to introduce to you the “JGP Signature“. For every shoot,I put a few pictures through a special set of post processing actions, these actions can either enhance or soften details or warm […]

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