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I have been inspired by the emails I have been getting!! Thank you for sending me your thoughts and messages and questions!! 🙂

And it is because of your questions and messages that I have been inspired to start a new column in my blog 🙂

Beginning from the 15 of May this year, I will be starting an advice column and will be offering my humble advice/opinions to couples and photographers.

For Couples: Need to know what should a wedding day schedule be like? or if you should hire a professional photographer or get your friend who is an avid hobby photographer to shoot your wedding?(I have been asked this question many times) or what is the difference between an “Engagement photo session” and “Pre wedding” photoshoot?

For Photographers: should you use that prime lens or zoom lens? Or how do you use “off camera flash”? or “Do I need my models to sign a release for all my shoots”?

Just feel free to shoot your questions to me at :

I will reply to your emails individually and Questions which are often asked will be published along with my replies 🙂

My answers may not always be what you will be looking for or want to hear but what you can be sure of is that I will be very honest to you and lay things down as I see them.

Ready?  Start shooting your questions now 😉

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I am a member of the prestigious WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association).My style of wedding photography is Journalistic and documentary , I try to capture “Moments” during the wedding day, little moments that no knows happened. At the same time I will document the biggest day of your life in pictures. Pictures which will bring you a smile even after ten or  twenty years down the road.

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