Mr Duck Duck in Macau

IMG 8611 p in(pp w480 h639) Mr Duck Duck in Macau

The World famous Duck finally came to Macau and I made a quick trip to visit it and say hello last Saturday. First thing I have to say is that this Duck is quite BIG, it is HUGE in fact. No kidding, it is quite a big duck but along with the size is an ADORABLE face 🙂 A Face this cute, anybody could love!!

There has always been a huge buzz on social media wherever this Duck went and I didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about, that was until I saw it in real life myself. It is really cute and it is really huge, this combination is odd but it works for this duck. It appeals to both young and old and I myself have now become a fan of Mr Duck Duck 🙂

I know this Duck has been to Hong Kong and a few other countries but I don’t think it has been to Singapore yet, so I hope one day I can photograph it in Singapore.

IMG 8573 p in(pp w480 h639) Mr Duck Duck in MacauIMG 8591 p in(pp w768 h576) Mr Duck Duck in Macau



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